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Stolen cell phone naked pics

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Here's a sample text conversation between Harrington and Hazelwood:.

This is legitimate and unequivocal victim-blaming. She worries it could damage her future career prospects. Busty lactating lesbians. The Sego Sago Kid Next time it'll be some dipshit at the store you took your phone to because it's broken. Stolen cell phone naked pics. Why would it matter to them that the shock of this incident had triggered my PTSD?

The employees at the restaurant knew a worker at the Verizon store named Ed who had helped them get good deals on their phones. You don't really have a choice, do you? It turns out the revelation doesn't just apply to Apple devices, but Andriods as well. If I may with another real-world analogy. It also works with non-nude related photos like "beach" or "couch. Do I get to to that? N reasonable for me; I like to expose myself to retarded viewpoints.

All amateur and real. Showing off her tits. It had been months since she switched phones. I mean, I can ask you that, if that's what you wanna do And if these cunts actually cared about public safety they wouldn't be storing nekkid pix of their twats for those hard-working Little Boy Blue's to be distracted by because they need to focus on saving us all from all the bogeyman running hither and yon. But the employee apparently made a bad call that exposed himself, along with a coworker, to criminal charges.

Stuart was with another customer. Not only did the cops illegally access women's photos, they then proceeded to be judgmental dicks about them. I can do terrible things to people with impunity. You can take reasonable precautions, and they can be thwarted by a cop implicitly threatening you. There's a whole lot of stupid out there. I can't imagine this to be the case.

Stolen cell phone naked pics

Is it really that hard to make a distinction between somebody who posts this sort of stuff on her facebook page and a situation where an armed goon threatens her if she doesn't provide access? Comments do not represent the views of Reason. Warty would tear off that little shit's face and nail it back on upside down. I guess it remains to be seen if any of the officers were passively collecting shared photos or if they were all confiscating property, performing warrantless searches, etc.

They beat me, broke my skull, and destroyed my knee forever, but no, I didn't open the safe. Groping girls ass. That's one of those old obsolete amendments written by dead white slaveowners, irrelevant when applied to us serfs, but I suppose it does still apply if we're talking about government agents. Josh Stuart told her that they were just switching the data from her old phone to her new one, but unbeknownst to her, he made copies of some x-rated nudie pics that she was storing on her cell phone.

I thought I was pretty clear in my first post, saying the any cop involved in this should have to register as a sex offender, so I don't take what the cops are doing lightly, at all.

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You were pretty much asking for it! In the search warrant affidavit, senior Contra Costa district attorney inspector Darryl Holcombe wrote that he found probable cause to show both CHP officers Harrington and Hazelwood and others engaged in a "scheme to unlawfully access the cell phone of female arrestees by intentionally gaining access to their cell phone and without their knowledge, stealing and retaining nude or partially clothed photographs of them.

Like you do when you do things that could result in identity theft. Hot ass pussy nude. They're young guys, and they're going to see that kind of stuff and they're likely to do that. Or were her feelings just hurt? I will now forever be thinking this way when pulled over. Because handguns can be copied and exchanged like digital pictures.

Click here to register, or here to login if you already have an account. Honestly, when this happened, I had no intention of sharing it publicly. If you can do that, and that's what it takes to feel secure, go for it, but there are a lot of levels below that that are reasonable risks. On that day when the news crews came, when customers and restaurant employees were talking about the investigation, A.

I was hopeful to get some insight, while also obtaining policy-backed assurance that it would not happen again. Stolen cell phone naked pics. I knew I could count on you to be supportive of the slut community's rights.

While I agree with your premises, you're the one claiming "There's nothing inherently damaging about my private photos suddenly becoming not private.

Sure, but I don't consider this about absolute selfie security.

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Ok, know I'm probably in the minority here, but the internet is for porn. Milf big tits squirt. You're not this girl, so " your point fails there. There you have it. The pigs can use rubber hose cryptography to get what they want. Both offices have said they have reviewed the matter but are limited in what they can do by jurisdiction. Probably a picture of a kitten. Oh man, I hate to use this phrase, since the Social Justice people have ruined it, but fuck it, here we go: My general rule of thumb is, don't upload things to servers that don't belong to you, don't carry anything on your person you don't want the TSA or the Cops to ogle.

Maybe you shoukd go to a private message board where you won't have this problem. It's only because I'm not smart enough to argue with them, of course. What kind of a trigger? Do I get to to that? If we were to extrapolate the tarring of a group as people on this forum do over to say, being black in America, then all blacks must be criminals.

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